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डॉ. बी डी पाण्डेय

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Edited with an Introduction of George Orwell, Complete Text with Detailed Summary of the Novel, A Critical Study and Critical Appreciation, Main Characters and Questions with Answer, etc.


1. George Orwell: An Introduction ... 1-28
The life of George Orwell
George Orwell and his Age
Novels of George Orwell
Critical Evaluation as a Novelist
George Orwell as a Political Thinker
George Orwell as a Social Critic
George Orwell as a Satirist
Language and Literary Style or George Orwell
2. Animal Farm : Text ... 29-91
3. Detailed Summary of Animal Farm ... 92-124
4. Critical Study of Animal Farm ... 125-151
Political and Historical Background of Animal Farm
Animal Farm as a Fairy Story
Message of Animal Farm
Humour and Wit in Animal Farm ......
Symbolism of Animal Farm
Animal Farm as a Political Satire
Animal Farm as an Allegory .........
Role of Propaganda in Animal Farm
Animal Farm : A Great Example of
Corruption of Power
5. Critical Appreciation of Animal Farm ... 152-156
6. Main Characters in Animal Farm ... 157-176
Old Major
7. Some Important Questions and their Answers ... 177-208


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