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डॉ. हुकुम सिंह

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According To Latest Syllabus of C.S.J.M. University, English Literature for B.A. Part-III, Paper-I

Table of Contents

1. Pre-Renaissance Period … 1
Beginning of English Literature, Poetry of Pre-Renaissance Period. The First Epic Poem: Beowulf, Salient Features of Beowulf, Other Religious
Compositions, Love of Nature, James I, Robert Henryson, Cressied, / Wiliam Dunbar, Gavin Douglas, Arthurian Legend.
2. From Renaissance to Seventeenth Century … 10
The Renaissance Period, infuence of Huinanism, The Renaissance and the Reformation, The Renaissance a a Revolt and Revival. The Renaissance and Literatrue. Renaissance: The full Blossoin. Chief Characteristic Factors. Characters of Morality Plays. Apperance of Regular comedies, and Tragedies. Gaiety and Cheerfulness, Late Renaissance of Seventeenth Century.
3. Renaissance and Reformation ... 23
Renaissance and Reformation, the Actual course of the religious movement, Influence of the Reformation on Literature, The Reformation: Reformation: Revolt. the Reformation and literatrure, Reformation at Cambridge. The Bible: Its influence, Influence from the first production, Religious Controversies., The Authorised Version, Provervband Phrase Poetry.
4. Miracle and Morality Plays … 31
Miracle Plays or Mystricies, Shifting the stage, Changes in Performance, Theme of the Miracle Plays. Morality Plays, History of Morality Plays, Concern for Individual's Moral Behaviour, Post Reformation Morality Plays, Knowledge of New Testament, Role of Vices and Virtures in Morality Plays, Interludes.
5. University Wits …39
The earlier drama, Emergence of the University Wits, Playwrights as well as Actors, John Lyly, Thoms Kvd, Robert Greene, George Peele, Christopher Marlowe, . The Contribution of University Wits.
6. Elizabethan Poetry …45
Introduction to Elizabethan Poetry, Elizabethan Songs, Courtly Poetry, Influences of classical Literature. Use of Sonnets, The Italian Sonnets, The English Sonnet.Lyrics and Songs
7. Metaphysical Poetry … 51
Introcution to Metaphysical poetry. Dryden: Pioncer of Metalphysical Poetry, Meaning of the terin Metaphysical, Deserves Careful Attention, Crasha. The Origin, John Donne, Chief Characteristics, Conceits and Far-fetches 'linayes, Affectation and Hyperbole, Religious and Amorous, Mysticism, Obscurity, Metaphysical Poets.
8. Introduction to Neo-Classicism …57
Chief Characteristics of the Classical School of Poetry, Alexander Pope. Intellectual, Aristocratic, Unromantic. Artificial. The Heroic Couplet, Dryden, Alexander Pope:Tthe Greatest Poet of Age.
9. Eighteenth Century and the Romantic Age … 62
Restoration Period and the Eighteenth Century, characteristics of Restoration Period, Restoration Drama. The Pre-Restoration Drama, The Restoration Comedy, Chief Poets and their characteristics, Age of Dryden, Dramas of Dryden, the Satire. Absalon and Achitophel, Doctrinal Poems, The Fables, Samuel butler, The Restoration Lyric.
10. Growth of Novel …73
Four Wheel of the English Novel. Richardson, Fielding, Characterisation, Natural Development, Plot construction, Characterisation, Chief Characteristics, The Picaresque Novel in English language. The Picaresque Element in the Modern Novel.
11. Precursors of the Romanticism … 83
Chief Precursors of Romanticism, Their contribution, Romantic Revival, Tboinas Gray, Collins, Romanticism, Source of Acsthetic Experience, Insulate theology, Key Ideas of Romanticism, Rousseau, Rouseau. Change in Nature of Nationalism. Unity of Language, Influence of Folklore, National Awakening,
12. Romanticism and the French Revolution … 111
Continental Influences. The First Phase: The Doctrinaire Phase. Influence of William Blake, Intellectual Influence of Rousseau, Appealed to Coleridge, Younger Group of the Romantic Poets, The Third Phase: The Military Phase, Role of Byron and Shelley.
13. Growth of Romanticism … 117
Classicism: Romanticism. Neo/Pseudo-classicism: Romanticism, Chief Characteristics of Ne-classical Poetry. Intellectual and Polemic, Factors Responsible,Subtle Sense of Mystery, Mysticism: Love of Nature, Medievalism. Exuberant intellecual Curiosity. Gardiner, S.T. Coleridge. Matthew Arnold, Other Critics. Novel of Romantic Literature.
14. Literature of Nineteenth Century … 133
Growth of Victorian literature, Abundant and Prolific. Variety of Matter and Treatment, General Tendencies, The Idea of Respectability Permeates, Early Victorians, Other Novelists, Age of Material Prosperity, Great Emphasis on Order, Decorum and Decency, Revolutioned all Current Ideas, Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Novel During Victorian Age.
15. Pre-Raphaclite Poetry and Naughty Ninetics … 148
Pre-Raphaelite Poetry, D.G. Rossetti, Chief Characteristics of PreRaphaelite Poetry, Pre-Raphaelites and Romanticism, Naughty Nineties, Walter Pater, Oscar Wilde. J.A. Symonds, The Aesthetes and the Decadents, Supremacy of the Instinct.
16. Twentieth and Twenty First Century Novel … 158
Twentieth Century Novel, Variety and Complexity, Means of Communication, The Traditional Novel, Died out the Twentieth Century Novel. Change in the Method of Characterisation, Psychological Novel. Chief Merits.
17. Twentieth and Twenty First Century Drama …166
Modern Drama, Arthur Pinero, The Theratre, The Theme. Chief Characteristics. Expressionistic: Impressionistic Style. Other Expressionistic Plays, Historical Plays. Other Notable Productions. Drama.
18. Georgian Poetry … 175
The idea of Anthology, Final Anthology of Five. Georgian Poetry, Georgian Poets. Blamed for Traditionalisın. Reaction and Poetic Establishment. Neo Georgian Phase. Big six, Separation of Georgian Poetry, Negatively Impacted in Critical Circles. Other Poets.
19. Other Modern Drama …181
Theatre of Absurd, Contemporary Absurdists. Failure of Men without Solution. History of Theatre of Absurd. Theatre of Absurd in England, Closet Drama. Drama of Ideas. Mobilization of Political Thoughts. Polularity of Closet Drama. Verse Drama, Reluctance for Opera.
20. Modern Poetic Drama … 193
The Modern Poetic Draina, Development. Contribution of Other Drainatists. The Early Period of the Romantic.Context and Place in History, Issiah Berlin, The Ascent of F6, Free Expression of Feelings, A New and Restless Spirit, The term 'Romanticism', The Period.
21. Post Colonial Literature … 200
Concept of Post-colonialism. Definition of Post colonialism, Characteristics of Post-colonialism. The Term Post-colonialisin, The Western Way of thinking. Post-Colonial Studies. Post Colonial Nations, Dutch Literature. Criticism of National Identity. Notable Theoreticians. Violent Resistance to Colonialism. Post-colonial Perspective. Post-colonial literary Ciritcs.
22. Long Answer and Short Answer Ouestions … 211

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