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ए स्टडी ऑफ कॉस्ट एकाउन्ट्स

डॉ. ईश्वर चन्द गुप्ता

प्रो. राम चन्द त्रिवेदी

डॉ. राकेश चन्द्र कटियार

प्रकाशक : किशोर पब्लिशिंग हाउस प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2018
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वाणिज्य के बी.काम. के एकीकृत पाठ्यक्रमानुसार अंग्रेजी माध्यम

According to latest Unified Syllabus For B.Com and other Equivalent Courses


1. Introduction …1-15
2. Elements of Cost and Production Expenses …16-24
3. Materials Control …25-101
4. Wages System and Bonus Schemes …102-156
5. Indirect Expenses and their Allocation …157-170
6. Machine Hour Rate Computation …171-215
7. Departmentalisation of Overheads and Over/Under Absorption of Overheads …216-259
8. Single or Output Costing System …260-367
9. Contract Cost and Job Cost …368-163
10. Process Cost Accounts …464-575
11. Reconciliation of Profits of Cost Accounts and Financial Accounts …576-627
12. Operating Costs …628-682
13. Integrated Accounts …A1-16
14. Non-Integrated Accounts or Cost Control Accounts …B1-24
15. Cost Audit …C1-14
Appendix (University Question Paper with Solution) …D1-76

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